A cada uno le pica la paja que se le mete por el culo, no el resto del pajar.
Gonzo, El Sentido De La Vida

How to learn any language in six months, by Chris Londsdale

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Information that helps achieve Personal Goals has relevance.

We Master Tools by USING tools, we learn tools fastest when they are relevant.


  1. Focus on language content that is relevant to you.
  2. Use your New Language as a Tool to Communicate From Day 1.
  3. When you first UNDERSTAND the MESSAGE you will unconsciously ACQUIRE the language.
  4. Physically training, the brain filters what we are not familiar with, if your face hurts you are doing it right.
  5. Psycho-physical state.


  1. Listen A LOT!
  2. Focus on getting the meaning FIRST, use body language, context…
  3. Start MIXING, 10 verbs x 10 nouns x 10 adjectives = 1000 possible phrases.
  4. Focus on the CORE, high frequency language. IE, in english 1000 words covers 85% of daily conversation, 3000 covers 98%.Start with your TOOLBOX, What is that, I don’t understand, please repeat it… Then simple nouns and verbs and adjective, then glue words as prepositions
  5. Get a Language Parent, somebody to help you understand the message, that will work to understand you, use words you know, doesn’t correct mistakes but confirms understanding by using correct language.
  6. Copy the face
  7. Everything you know is really an image in your brain, so instead of associate “Fire” with “Fuego”, you should create a new path in your brain for the image of fire.

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